Would an insulated ceiling cut down the level of noise out side the conservatory?

Absolutely, the lining material we use not only provides superb thermal insulation; it provides an excellent sound insulation too. This is because of the sandwiching of 19 layers of materials inside a welded 'pack', with one of these layers consisting of encapsulated air pockets. With your new ceiling installed, both the sound of rain and hale impacting directly on the roof, the noises made by traffic, aircraft and other outside agents will be reduced.

Does an insulate ceiling affect the appearance of my conservatory externally?

Firstly, nothing is actually altered on the exterior of your conservatory in any way. If you have a conservatory with a clear glass roof and look down on it you will see a flat expanse of neutrally coloured ceiling lining, which looks similar to the appearance of a ceiling blind. If you have a translucent polycarbonate roof, you will see aalmost no diffrence at all if you look down on to the conservatory, as the natural ceiling lining will make little or no change to the diffuse appearance of the polycabronate.

Can you install my insulated ceiling in a day?

We can indeed. All of our conservatory ceiling installations are completed in a day. Two of our installers will complete most shapes and sizes of conservatories in that time. If you have an unusally large conservatory, we will send additional installers. Whatever happens, your ceiling will be in by the end of the day.

An insulated ceiling wont help my condensation problems will it?

Condensation occurs when warm, moist air, such as that in your coservatory rises and hits a cold surface, such as the roof of your conservatory. The warm air condenses on the cold surface, forming moisture. Our 19 layer insulation material forms a barrier that prevents the warm air from condensing on the roof and as it provides such an excellent themal barrierr above the new ceiling panels, it prevents them from ever being cold enough for vapour to consense on.

What type of ventilation does a conservetory ceiling require?

None! Whereas othe types of conservatory ceilings may create a void which needs ventilating, out insulateed ceilings are constructed in a way that requires no ventilation gaps and results in a slimmest possible ceiling profile.

What kind of guarantee do I get?

We gaurantee the workmanship of our installtion for 5 years. No quibble, if it goes wrong,we come back and fix it. Our panels and lininga re also guaranteed for 5 years from the manufacturer.

How much will an insulated ceiling cost?

Naturally this depends on the size and style of your conservatory. If you would like a quote, please use our contact form, or call us on 01908 645566.


Do I need planning permission for a tiled roof?

It is now possible to replace your conservatroy roof with a solid roof without having to apply for building regulations. In 2010 Building Regulaions changed which allow anyone to put a solid roof on a conservatory as long as it meets certain criteria.

Can a tiled roof be fitted to my existing conservatory?

We will be able to fit a tiled roof to most existing conservatrories without affecting the original structure.

We are pleased to offer free advice and a written quotation for a tiled roof upgrade.

Please call 01908 645566



Will a Pilkington Activ Blue glass roof keep the temperature in my conservatory down in summer, or does it only help keep it warm in winter?

This type of glass has been specially designed to give your conservatory temperature control. It reflects harmful UV rays and dramatically reduces the heat build up through solar control.

As it is highly energy efficient, it does not allow heat to leave through it, so keeps any heat in during the winter months by creating convection.

Would a glass roof cut down the level of outside noise in my conservatory?

Indeed, as opposed to polycarbonate, which effectively amplifies the noise of rain, a glass roof dampens the noise almost completely.

Is it a big messy job changing my whole roof?

A full conversion from a polycarbonate roof to a new Pilkington Activ Blue glass roof is generally carried out in one day. Our fully trained and experienced installers remove your old roof down to the window level before installaing a brand new roof from the ring beam upwards. All of the roof has already been assembled in the factroy to ensure everything is in place. New guttering and crest and finials are also installed.

Your old roof along with any debris is taken away at the end of the job and disposed of responsibly.

Can I change the design of my roof?

If you have a lean to roof, or a design of roof you are not happy with, you should be able to change the design with a new glass roof. There are a couple of limitations, but generally, a new roof can be redesigned. Our experienced representatives will be pleased to offer advice on all of your options and give you a quotation on your chosen design.