Our Insulated Ceiling

A conservatory makes a wonderful addition to the home, and allows you to enjoy the outdoors while staying indoors. But their standard polycarbonate or glass roof means that they are either too hot or bright in the summer and too cold in the winter for every-day use. We have come up with an efficient and cost-effective solution. We will install a fully insulated plastered or panelled ceiling inside your existing conservatory, which will significantly reduce these seasonal temperature fluctuations. Then you can make the most of your conservatory whenever you like.

The benefits are:

• Your conservatory will be cooler in summer and warmer in winter, because of the thermal insulation we use to line the ceiling.

• Overall, you get a far more consistent and pleasant room temperature.

• You save money on fuel costs because expensive heat is no longer pouring out through the roof.

• Your conservatory turns into a favourite and practical living space all year round.

• You’ll never again suffer from glare in your conservatory when the sun is out.

• The noise of rain, sleet and outside factors like aeroplanes will be heavily reduced.

• Your furnishings and upholstery will be far less likely to fade.

See below for our step by step guide.